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Pre-Workout Energy Formula

Pre-Workout Energy Formula

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Our BEST-SELLING pre-workout is made with Nitrosigine—a patented complex of bonded arginine and silicon plus citrulline, beta-alanine, grape seed, green tea extract, and creatine, all working together to help you feel incredible and NOT overstimulated!   

This powerful yet balanced and vegan formula is a super-effective, science-based formula with a total of 12,000 mg of active ingredients to fuel your HIIT workout, gym workout, Peloton/spinning ride, or to ignite your overall energy levels.

Set goals then SMASH them with our natural supplements you can trust. Our products are always effective and are a great value! Build stamina, focus, pump, and overall energy with the BEST pre-workouts that will exceed your expectations!  

Compare our pre-workouts and you will upgrade to Performance Inspired! We only use the best quality and clean ingredients to ignite your energy and fuel your fitness goals to give you the best workout possible! Once you feel the results, you will never want to go without this value-packed, clean, natural, vegan, and gluten-free formula. Always banned substance-free and we never use untested or risky ingredients! Our formulas are always the highest quality at an amazing value!

It’s easy to just dump a bunch of ingredients into a product. The key is to test the formula to ensure that the energy and pump delivery is smooth, meaningful, and lasting!


  • You will start taking the longer spin/workout/yoga classes
  • You will get in those extra reps, add more pounds, and add sets
  • You will feel a new level of muscle pump, mental focus, and vigor
  • You will start exceeding your old personal records (PRs) and setting new goals
  • You won’t settle for artificial ingredients again 
  • You will start telling everyone how much you love this and all the natural PI products
  • You will feel CONTROLLED energy with unstoppable power, without the crash

Our natural, science-backed, and efficacious ingredients are all working in harmony to take you to your max potential! Feel great, not overwhelmed, as you take your workouts to the next level! Compare our natural Pre-Workout Energy, and you will upgrade to Performance Inspired Nutrition. Get on your Peloton, get into the gym, or simply use our formula to boost your energy for a long, healthy walk! Every journey starts with one step and a commitment!

Give us a shout-out, follow @PerformInspiredInd, and tag #PerformanceInspired or #InspiredToBeBetter. Real customers are our brand ambassadors, so we need and would love your support! 
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